Wrestling with the Coach

Time: 31 min


Custumer's Request:
The newcomer Rob challenges Nike in the gym for a wrestling match ... both wearing the singlet ... one red and the other blue ...Rob wants to prove that he is the last one, but not the weakest and he's sure to beat Nike ... The rules include holds and immobilizing holds on the ground ... to obtain a point they have to submit the opponent or immobilize him for 30 seconds ... who gets more points is the winner After 10 minutes (during the fight) the coach (Mirko) enters in the gym wearing a speedo ... the coach stays to see the boys wrestling ... then asks them if they want to wrestle with him ... the guys accept... remove the singlets and all three remain in speedo ... Mirko chooses to start the first match vs Nike .... 10 minutes of match ... The coach does not want to lose but Nike is strong ... it will be a tough match with points on both sides ... after ten minutes during the battle Rob suddenly attacks Mirko from behind and starts a very hard fight .... Rob was resting while the coach is becoming tired ... Rob wants to win and prove to be the last one here, but the strongest and able to beat the coach ... It will be a tough fight for the coach who until the end risks losing the match with Nike cheating for Rob .... At the end they shake their hands and leave the gym togheter in a friendly way...

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