Time: 41 min


Custumer's Request:
I've seen the video...excellent...!!! I liked it so much... I'm already thinking about next videos to order.... Title: THE RECKONING Actors: Rambo, Herman Wearing: Wrestling singlet, Speedo. Lenght : 30 minutes( 10 sparring each other, 10 wrestling in singlet, 10 wresting in speedo) THE RECKONING After their epic battle vs the coach ...Rambo and Herman are again in the gym for their daily training ...wearing their wrestling singlet. They are very excited today because Herman was able to beat the coach...!!! They start the sparring training trying some throws and holds on the ground in a friendly way... Herman shows again to Rambo the last hold where he forced the coach to give up ( a full nelson)...and so on... Their training proceeds fine until Herman says that now the best fighter in the gym is him... Rambo tells him that he was able to beat the coach because in the first minutes he weakened the coach...otherwise he had no chances... Rambo is sure to beat herman in a wrestling he say '' it's now time to see who is the best wrestler between me and you...let's fight...!!! Rules : to have one point... to pin the opponent for 30 seconds ...or hits.. no punches.( it's a wrestling match)... Who obtains more points is the winner... Ten minutes wearing the wrestling singlet... the last ten minutes they remove the singlet and wrestle in speedo... It will be a close match until the end but there will be ony one winner....who??? surprise me...