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Detained and Neutralized    $25.00

barefoot, Face & Body Kicks, Foot Domination, humiliation, Karate Sasha, Movies, shorts, tied up, shoes, shirt, Subtitled

Iron Spite    $19.00

Movies, shirtless, shoes, Herman, Aaron

Your Shirt is a Shit    $59.00

barefoot, Custom Made, humiliation, jeans, Lad, Low Blows, Movies, shirtless, Din, elegant, shoes, shirt, wet

Rapists Low Blow Punishment    $59.00

2vs1, barefoot, brutal, Custom Made, handgag, jeans, Konstantin, Low Blows, Movies, Rambo, Sany, speedos, Stomping & Trampling, tied up, Subtitled

Humiliated and Offended 7    $25.00

barefoot, Low Blows, Marat, Mirko, Movies, Rambo, siglet

Herman vs Mike    $25.00

barefoot, Face & Body Kicks, Movies, shirtless, shorts, shoes, shirt, Herman, Mike

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